Various Ideas for Using Grocery Bags for Business Promotion


Nowadays every business owner looks for various ways to promote their business by using certain cost-effective means and in that respect grocery bags can be a very good idea for promotional activities.

Apart from being great for the environment and versatile, custom reusable bags are also great for marketing. Custom reusable bags offer endless customization and design options. They are also a great marketing tool because they are loved by almost every demographic.

Reusable bags are great for carrying groceries to and from the grocery store, work to bring home, work to home, taking work to work, changing clothes at the gym, bringing lunch to work, or just helping people carry their stuff from one place to another. You will soon realize the incredible marketing potential of reusable bags.

These types of Promotional Full Color Printed Bags are so popular among consumers and it will be very practical to utilize its popularity for the promotion of any kind of business. Here, in this short article we shall provide few practically implementable ideas, that you can utilize in order to expand your customer base.

  • Use any non-woven tote bag for shopping

This kind of tote bags are highly recommended for those small business owners who are looking for suitable tote bags. Such kind of non-woven bags are not only inexpensive but also quite durable too. The material used for making such bags are water resistant polypropylene. In case, you have never used tote bags for promotional purpose before then it can be very good starting point.

  • Customized laminated non-woven grocery tote

If you want more space in the bag then you can prefer this type of bag. Its size is little larger than any other common types of promotional bags, and it also contains few additional pockets with stronger reinforced handles. You have got plenty of space to display your logo along with your brand message on the pocket. Since the bag is having lamination and therefore it is water resistant too.

  • Top sail promotional cotton boat tote

Such types of cotton bags are usually bit expensive as compared to polypropylene bags therefore such bags can be used as employee gift. It uses 100 per cent cotton material and you can print your logo in multiple colors in the front side of the bag.

  • Personalized non-woven tote bag for shopping

If you are looking for any cheap and simple bag then this kind of bag can be very suitable for your purpose. You can use it as hand-out for trade shows or just free gift to your office staff. This type of hand washable bags is available in number of different colors.

  • Customized laminated non-woven small bag for shopping

If you are looking for any stylish kind of bag then this can be a great choice for you. You can also offer such bags as a gift for certain special event. Your client will love to preserve such bags for a longer time and these bags are quite durable too.

  • Non-woven tote bag with accent trim

You can display the image of your logo on this sleek designed tote bag. There are about 20 different colors to choose from and you can personalize it according to your need. These bags are having coating of water-resistant polypropylene.

  • Branded clear casual tote bag

You can use the modern looking casual tote bag where your logo can appear very prominently on the surface of clear material. There are 9 different colors are available from where you can choose your pick.

  • Fun tote bag for promotion

This is another promotional tote bag that you can use as employee giveaway and tell them to use it every day. They will be happy to use and your brand will also get displayed.