The Growth of Technology and How it Has Changed Our Way of Life


We have progressed into the era of everything techno. It seems we cannot even function without a helping hand from our cellphones or computers these days. I believe that single realization in today’s world is both a pro and a con in a time when a division, as well as positive unity, is spreading rampantly.

I can remember back when we had to use snail mail to pay our bills or either visit the company to drop off our payments. Things such as letters to our loved ones reached destinations slowly and we would not be in contact with someone from a country like Morocco face to face back in the era of basic technology.

We see the world now, which is a pro. We can make friendships across the globe because of devices like computers which can connect us in several different ways. For most of us, it is a blessing. It’s a cultural lesson and connection that we enjoy and feel thankful for.

Not only do we connect better to the world, but the devices we connect with are making it easier for us to do all sorts of things. We don’t even have to exercise our fingers anymore by tapping on a keyboard, we can use a Touch Panel PC. We can use touch technology for all of our devices now. I, myself, still opt for typing on the keyboard, but I am old school like that.

The world of technology allows us to do so many things. We apply for jobs without going out to put in an application in person. We can even work online from the comfort of our homes. We can buy groceries and either pick them up ready to load in our car or in some places, we can order online and have someone deliver them. We shop for everything we need online these days, unless, of course, you prefer to head into the mall.

This brings me to a few cons of all the new technologies we have at our disposal now. As we connect to other parts of the world, there is a danger of us slipping into a non-social society. As the expansion of these techno assistants help us get more done, it seems we’ve only had more time to get busier and lazier. Busier, because we can do more things to fill our days, and lazier because we are too tired or don’t have the time or energy to go out and fulfill our chores of living on our own. We have delved into a world of easy access to everything in every aspect of our lives.

All these facts beg an important question, “How can we balance our cyber world with our need to have face to face human interactions?” This is what we need to focus on. There will be pros and cons to everything we do in life. So, in that way, all the new devices that are invented to make life easier and more open to the world is good for us, but without a balance with actual human interaction, and those ways we need to relate to the surroundings we live in, it becomes a problem. Let’s continue to grow, but let’s find our balance.