5 Reasons Why SSD Cloud Hosting is an Ideal Choice for Your Business


Cloud Hosting has evolved into a preferred hosting service. Many businesses are turning to the cloud to leverage the benefits of this modern-day technological advancement. With a wide array of benefits like instant resource and cost scalability, better site speeds and performance, etc. Cloud Web Hosting has already managed to attract businesses from different industries and of different sizes. While hard disk drives or HDDs were traditionally used for web servers, SSDs have raised the bar and made server performance a whole lot better. Also, when SSDs are used in Cloud Hosting, the benefits are magnified. Today, we will talk about five reasons why SSD Cloud Hosting is an ideal choice for your business.

1.      Improved Performance and Faster Speeds

SSDs offer read/write speeds ranging from 200 MB/s to 2500 MB/s. This is a huge step-up from HDDs that offered maximum read/write speeds of 200 MB/s. Also, SSDs access a memory address in around 0.1 milliseconds while HDDs take around 5.5-8 milliseconds for the same. This leads to a hosting service that ensures better performance and faster site speeds. Hence, your site visitors have a better experience leading to more business and higher customer loyalty.

2.      Power-related benefits

Since SSDs use microchips to store data, there are no physical movements. This saves time and power. Further, since the data is stored on advanced microchips, even when the power is disconnected, the data is retained. Hence, lower power consumption and no loss of data even during a power cut make SSD-based Cloud Hosting services more efficient.

3.      Better Disk Management and Storage

An SSD offers a large disk space that allows your site the required room to grow without worrying about running out of storage. On the contrary, traditional hard drives are known to run out of space after the site grows beyond a certain limit. An SSD also allows for better management of traffic spikes due to an enhanced disk management option.

4.      More Reliable and Durable

While HDDs read data by a moving head across a platter, the design of an SSD makes it more durable since it does not have any physically moving parts. Further, the failure rate of an SSD is less than 0.5 percent. This is much lower than the average failure rate of an HDD (2-5%). Hence, SSD-based Cloud Hosting is more reliable and durable than HDD-based hosting.

5.      Backups in no time

Backups are one of the most underrated processes in web hosting. While they are the fall-back option when all security measures fail, most site owners don’t pay enough attention to them. One major reason behind this is the time taken for a site to complete its backup. With SSDs, this process can become up to 5 times faster. For example, if a hard disk drive takes 20-24 hours to back up a website, an SSD can do it within 6 hours!

Summing Up

SSDs are a boon to the Web Hosting Services. At a time when speed and performance are already at their peaks, any option that helps improve them can help your website stand out from your competition. While SSDs are costlier than HDDs, the benefits they offer can easily outweigh the costs. We hope that this article helped you understand the benefits of SSD Cloud Hosting and make a decision for your next hosting service. Good Luck!