Month: February 2019

Technology Relationship to the Church

  People have various attitudes about technology. While some people may think that technology is a problem in religion, a more objective look at technology shows that there are benefits to technology when it is used for good reason. With the internet, the church could’ve collectively condemned technology and the use of such. However, churches

How to Start a Cannabis Business Store

The fact is that it is very difficult to create a completely new business idea that will take off like a rocket. However, there is a new business idea on the horizon that is guaranteed to really take off with a bang. Perhaps, you’ve heard about the people that have started a cannabis store in

Security Testing For Your Network

  The security testing that you have done for your network or site should be handled by someone who knows what to do. These people need to know how to create their tests, how to report on these tests, and how to use those reports to serve their clients. You can go through the list

The Importance of Load Testing

  Load testing basically involves placing a simulated load on a system to test its performance during use, by a large number of people. It is aimed at preventing website shut down or slow performance during high load. Load testing brings along numerous benefits for your business including raising customer trust and confidence, increasing traffic

Data Visualization For Your Business

Data visualization is something that you need to use when your company has been collecting data to be used to make decisions. You have a number of people working with you who will need to access this data, and you also want to explain to your staff how to use these tools so that they

The Advantages of Using an Automatic Mileage Tracker

Employees and the finance departments of most companies spend a lot of hours trying to record the mileage of every vehicle. When recording the distance covered, these workers often find themselves with a difficult task, and can sometimes make the wrong recordings. This possibility means that such companies are likely to incur losses through inaccurate