The Dynamics in the Regulation of Information Technology Industry


As you would all agree with me, every industry or economic sector has got its rules and regulations under which they all operate. These are the guidelines which dictate what the industry players should do and also the things that they are not expected to do or have. The role of these rules is to streamline the way the operations are carried out and to ensure that all the players in that economic sector conform to some ethics of that business. The Information Technology industry has not been left out in this regulatory role for its users and experts. The individuals who operate the digital platforms are also expected to have some code of conduct that would ensure that they tow to the rule of law. The reason for all these regulatory measures for the players in the IT sector is to prevent them from exploiting their customers, who are naïve about the industry and would fall victims of the slightest form of fraud by the experts.

One of the most significant things that the regulators are interested in when dealing with the IT experts is the transparency to their clients. In this case, they investigate the information that the experts display on their status pages, where all the visitors of their websites land whenever they visit their sites. The credibility of this information matters a lot because it is the basis upon which the clients determine whether they would hire the services of the experts or not. Therefore, the website regulators ensure that the experts display the information that is credible, honest and trustworthy on their status. On the other hand, they are required to present all the relevant information regarding the products or IT services that they offer so that the customers can make rational decisions regarding the purchase of their services, based on correct information.

However, there are other issues that the IT operators do to customize their websites in a way that they would enhance the convenience of the visitors and also efficiency to their customers. One of these is the customization of the websites so that they can convey market updates and other new information to clients through emails and short messages. This is an initiative that is geared toward keeping the clients updated about the current market trends and any new products or services that the service providers have started offering to the public. These updates are sent automatically to the clients’ gadgets through alternative communication channels such as emails, RSS, SMS, AND webhook.

The other item that the experts may opt to display without the coercion of the regulator is the metrics about their performance and the products that they provide. The experts are obliged to show the relevant information about their products but not about their performances after the customers have purchased them. However, to gain the confidence and trust of the consumers, they may consolidate some information about the performance of their IT products so that when the clients are subscribing to them, they can be confident that they would get the kind of service that they expect from them.